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Literature is a textually transmitted disease, normally contracted in childhood.” Jane Yolen

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Literary Giveaway Blog Hop

The Literary Blog Hop is once again being sponsored by Judith at Leeswammes Blog (thank you Judith), and runs from Saturday, October 27th through Wednesday, October 31st. The giveaway is a paperback copy of When She Woke by Hillary Jordan via The Book Depository

Bellwether Prize winner Hillary Jordan's provocative new novel, When She Woke, tells the story of a stigmatized woman struggling to navigate an America of a not-too-distant future, where the line between church and state has been eradicated and convicted felons are no longer imprisoned and rehabilitated but chromed--their skin color is genetically altered to match the class of their crimes--and then released back into the population to survive as best they can. Hannah is a Red; her crime is murder. In seeking a path to safety in an alien and hostile world, Hannah unknowingly embarks on a path of self-discovery that forces her to question the values she once held true and the righteousness of a country that politicizes faith.

This giveaway is open to international residents over the age of 18; the only limitation is ensuring The Book Depository ships to your country (check here). 

To enter, please go here and use the official Rafflecopter form (comments do not count as an entry). The winner will be announced on Thursday, November 1st.

Psst...You don't want to miss the giveaways at Judith's blog, check it out: Leeswammes Blog.


  1. Nice choice. I've read this last year and loved it!

    Happy hopping! Thanks for joining in.

  2. Great choice for a giveaway, especially since I've been dying to read this ;) I loved her other book, Mudbound.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Jennifer, I'll have to add Mudbound to my TBR list.

  4. Judith, thanks again for organizing the hop. I also read it last year and loved it. Hope the winner will enjoy it as well.

  5. Thanks for hosting this giveaway, it sounds like a fantastic book!

  6. Maybe can you add a link to say that more giveaways are listed on my blog http://leeswammes.wordpress.com/2012/10/27/the-literary-giveaway-blog-hop-starts-here-5/

    It would be a pity if your readers miss out on the chance to check out other giveaways! :-)

  7. I really enjoyed When She Woke!I also read and enjoyed Mudbound. I didn't even notice that they were by the same author. Funny...they are such different books!