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Monday, September 24, 2012


The Ninth Orphan by James Morcan & Lance Morcan
Publication date: June 16, 2011
Publisher: Stirling Gate Books

How do you catch a man who is never the same man twice? 
That is the question posed in The Ninth Orphan, a new release international thriller novel... 

An orphan grows up to become an assassin for a highly secretive organization. When he tries to break free and live a normal life, he is hunted by his mentor and father figure, and by a female orphan he spent his childhood with. On the run, the mysterious man's life becomes entwined with his beautiful French-African hostage and a shocking past riddled with the darkest of conspiracies is revealed.
Fast-paced, totally fresh and original, filled with deep and complex characters, The Ninth Orphan is a controversial, high-octane thriller with an edge. Merging fact with fiction, it illuminates shadow organizations rumored to exist in the real world.

Tackling genetic selection, mind control, secret societies and a chase around the globe, The Ninth Orphan also has a poignant, romantic sub-plot. The story contains the kind of intimate character portraits usually associated with psychological novels.

Imagine twenty-three genetically bred children are brought into existence by a super-secret organization. Now imagine that this organization has raised these orphans to be whatever might be needed, industrial spy, industrial saboteur or assassin. Nine has lived the vast majority of his life being told what to do by the Omega Foundation. He, along with twenty-two others, was genetically modified to be super-smart and trained to be industrious and lethal, when the need arises. Unlike the other twenty-two orphans, Nine wants out and he's found a way to obtain his freedom. 

The Omega Foundation has a history of finding funds when the need arises, and Nine has found a way to thwart the latest Omega Foundation quest for money and power while simultaneously funding his quest for freedom. Unfortunately this quest has put an innocent in danger. Initially Nine, or Sebastian (the name given to him at birth by his mother), plans to kill Isabel Alleget. He fears that she may have taken his picture, even though he was in disguise, in a French marketplace. His plan to kill her is changed to abduction when his mentor, Tommy Kentbridge, finds him at Isabel's apartment. What follows is a game of cat and mouse as Sebastian attempts to stay one step ahead of Tommy and orphan Seventeen. Is Sebastian smart enough to elude these highly trained killers, especially since they have had the exact same training? Can he keep Isabel safe? Will he ever experience true freedom?

All of these are questions raised and answered in The Ninth Orphan. If you love thrillers, then The Ninth Orphan has a lot to offer: international intrigue, secret societies, and kidnaping to name just a few. At the heart of this story is the simple need for freedom that Sebastian craves. He is tired of the life of spying, killing, disguises and jumping constantly from one job to another and he's willing to do anything to get it. The Ninth Orphan read like a combination of the Bourne series meets Mission Impossible, with subtle undertones of the television show The Pretender. The only character I found remotely realistic, at least at first, was Isabel Alleget. I found the action to be too over-the-top to be believable. Perhaps I'm just not attuned to thrillers but I think that if this was classified as a science-fiction thriller I might have found it to be a little more acceptable. Now, just because this didn't suit my taste doesn't mean it may not be a good match for others. 

NOTE: I'm very indebted to the unbelievable patience of the authors of The Ninth Orphan. Due to months of delay after delay due to my medical problems, these authors exhibited not only patience but also caring and sympathy for my situation. I'm thankful to them for their patience as well as the opportunity to read and review The Ninth Orphan.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this ebook free for review purposes from the authors. I was not paid, required or otherwise obligated to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

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